Slides, Photos and Negatives to Digital

Slide, Transparency and Negative Scanning

Any kind of film, mounted or non-mounted, black & white or colour, positive or negative can be scanned. Colour film and slides are scanned using "Digital ICE" technology using professional scanners. This scans the image and tries to compensate for dust and defects.

All images are also reviewed in PhotoShop to try to remove any further defects, colour restoration and more.

Slides are scanned on a Nikon CoolScan scanner, transparencies on an Epson Pro Scanner.

Prices for Slides, Transparencies and Negatives:

Prices can be split into two categories:

Standard 35mm slides (come in plastic or cardboard holders, 2" square/50mm x50mm, with rectangular or small square window) and negatives (normal strips typically 4 to 6 separate images per strip)

1-49 images - 60p per image
50-99 images - 55p per image
100-249 images - 50p per image
250-499 images - 45p per image
500-999 images - 40p per image
1000+ - Contact me

Everything else

80p per image

Images can be transferred to disc or made available to download included in the price. You could also have a copy on USB Memory stick for £10. For a special gift or keepsake, the images can be made into a DVD slideshow set to music in a personalised case for £20. (Blu-ray £30)

Photograph Scanning

Most photographs are scanned using a professional Kodak Scanner. As this has some automation it is only suitable for clean images without sticky residue, curls, and generally in good condition. The large order discounts below assume this is the case.

Prices for photographs:

1-49 images - 20p per image
50-99 images - 18p per image
100-249 images - 15p per image
250-499 images - 12p per image
500-999 images - 10p per image
1000+ - Contact me

Delicate images, images with sticky backing and photos that are stuck in or need to be removed from albums are hand scanned in an Epson Pro scanner. This is time consuming so price is generally 20p per image, though some discount may be available for large collections, particularly if it's just fora small percentage of your overall collection. Please call to discuss.

An Example of Colour Restoration With Paper Photographs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why only 70-75 minutes per disc?
It's possible to put up to four hours onto a disc but quality suffers when you fit more than two hours on a disc - the picture can become pixelated in the way digital television can during busy scenes. Where possible I will try to limit content to as close to one hour as possible. Since VHS quality is relatively low to begin with compared to modern HD, we need to preserve as much quality as possible.

I don't know how long my tapes are or even what is on them.
No problem, the tapes can be scanned and a no-obligation quotation given. Summary of footage can also be given and even screenshots. TV recorded footage is not normally included unless requested.

Can I mix more than one tape onto a single disc?
Yes. Just make it clear how you want them combining. Remember, for a single disc the suggested limit is 70-75 minutes. For a 2-disc set the limit is 140-150 minutes. Any size box set can be arranged.

How and when do I pay?
Payment is only due when your order is ready for delivery/collection. Payment can be by bank transfer, cash, cheque or online by card or PayPal.

I have a great old film on VHS that they haven't released on DVD. Can you convert it?
Whilst I have to be careful of copyright, if you have a rare video that has not or is unlikely to be released on DVD by the owners then I will consider doing this for personal use.

Can I make my own copies of the DVDs you make?
Yes. No copy protection is placed on the DVDs made so you're free to do what you like. Copies are also available, for example a second copy of a single DVD is just £8.

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