Have treasured videos, slides, negatives and photographs converted to digital!

Do you have a collection of old videos from the 80s and 90s? Maybe photos and slides, perhaps dating back to the 60s and 70s, with memories you haven't seen for ages? Or perhaps you have a box of photos from that backpacking trip in the 90s.

It's time to digitise your family history!

Whatever form they are in, using high quality scanners and expertise I can convert them into digital images, files and DVDs that you can use on your computer, view on your TV, or even have old images printed or made into photobooks.


BinghamDigital.co.uk is a home based business in Bingham. This means if you're in the Bingham or Nottingham area you can bring your irreplaceable items direct without having to worry about them being lost in the post, or local collection can be arranged.

Peace of mind

I've been running this business on a local and national basis by mail order for 10 years so have a high level of expertise in producing the best possible conversions to digital of old media, and understand the importance that items such as these have to people.

Video Conversion

All types of videos and camcorder tapes can be converted to either DVD or to video files on a memory stick.

Having them converted to DVD is an easy way for most people to access the footage on their TVs.

Beautiful box sets can be made so if you have a whole pile of different tapes these can be scanned and compiled into a proper collection.

Or maybe you just have a single special video you'd like converting.

Photo, Slide and Negative Transfer

If there's an image, it can be scanned. Main specialism is converting old 35mm slides, but any kind of transparency, negative or paper photograph can be scanned.

Film and slides are scanned using "Digital ICE" technology using professional scanners. This scans the image for dust and defects. All images are also reviewed in PhotoShop. 

Paper photographs can be scanned whether they're modern images in envelopes or stuck in albums, too delicate to remove.

Images can be transferred to disc, USB Memory Stick, download, and also as DVD Slideshows which make beautiful gifts.

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